Dog Sledding

Come and experience the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains and create memories for a lifetime! While being whisked through the mountainous landscape and sprawling forests, you will have the opportunity to capture memories and photographs speeding along through the snow and pulled by a well-cared-for team of racing dogs. Grand Timber Lodge makes sure that your experience is priceless by working with the best two dog sledding companies in the area. Offering an exciting and educational afternoon to be spent with the whole family, your dog sledding experience will truly be something to write home about!

Alpine Adventures: Located approximately 45 minutes away from Breckenridge in Leadville, Colorado, Alpine Adventures will introduce you to the jaw-dropping sights found in the San Isabel National Forest area. You will arrive on property only to be greeted by over 100 sled dogs. You will have plenty of time to engage in a meet and greet with these furry little friends while sipping on hot apple cider. While you will want to be sure to arrive with snow gear in hand, the friendly and engaging staff will be more than happy to provide snow shoes and extra blankets for the particularly cold days. Choose a one- or a two-hour dogsled tour and experience the only “tagsled” around as two sleds become combined with two full teams of dogs running full speed ahead!

Good Times Adventures: Located only 25 minutes from Grand Timber Lodge, Good Times Adventures is located on the cusp of the area’s backcountry with a fleet of top-notch snowmobiles, pristine racing dogs and a superior staff, all ready to serve you! Enjoy over 60 minutes and 6 miles of a dog sledding adventure after a brief orientation and history of the sport provided by the Good Times Staff. Throughout the tour, you will be able to switch spots with your friends and family members so that everyone can “relay” and experience running the dogs, riding in the sled, as well as riding on a small passenger sleigh with the guide. If you are having too much fun to leave, then sign up for additional snowmobile tours located on the same property! Snowsuits and snow boots are available at no extra charge; goggles, neck warmers, and gloves are available for purchase.

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