Survival Bracelets

Colorado is a state filled with endless miles of rugged terrain.Whether you are just getting your feet wet in the wilderness or are experienced and seasoned in the outdoors, the elements of safety and preparation stand as a necessity when heading out to explore the Colorado landscape.

If you have plans to go rafting, hiking, skiing or snowshoeing,Grand Timber Lodge offers a perfect activity to create a useful piece of equipment for any outdoor activity: survival bracelets. During this hour-long activity, you can choose from nine different colorful para-cord wires to weave your bracelets together. The braids attach to two clasps and, in the end, can hold up to 550 pounds of weight attached to it! Inside each cord, you will find seven smaller lines inside the larger wire that can be used for things like fishing lines.

With staff assistance, you can create these bracelets that are both fun and functional. Learn how to make a bracelet that is handy in the wilderness. RSVP with Activities at ext. 3010. The cost is $8 per bracelet. Meet in the Game Room in building 2, 3rd floor.

For more information on the Grand Timber Lodge Survival Bracelets, contact the Activities Desk at 970-547-3610 or email at To fill out a request form, click here!

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