Positioned between Peak 8 and Peak 9 of the world-famous Breckenridge Ski Resort, Grand Timber Lodge claims one of the hottest slopeside locations found in the town! Having multiple points of exit and entry onto property, guests will find themselves with a walk as little as 25 feet from the front door of their building to no more than 75 yards away to snapping on their skis or snowboards and starting their daily adventure up the mountain.

Skiing Out to Peak 8:

Simply walk down the driveway of the resort to the Grand Timber Lodge sign in front of Building 1, cross the street, step into your bindings and ski a short distance down to the Snowflake Chairlift! This lift will take you to the top of some beginner runs on Peak 8, where you can easily ski down to four lifts including the Colorado and Rocky Mountain SuperChairs.

Skiing Out to Peak 9:

Walk to the south end of Building 5, right by Christy Sports, put on your skis, ski 50 yards, take off your skis and walk 140 paces to the Beaver Run SuperChair. This chairlift will take you to the top of Peak 9, giving you access to all of the trails there as well as a quick way to get to the Falcon SuperChair on Peak 10.

Mountains in Breck

Skiing In from Peaks 8 or 9:

To ski back into Grand Timber Lodge, you must ski to the trail called Lower Sawmill, which you will see on your trail map is between Peak 8 and Peak 9. If you are on Peak 9, ski down to the base of “C” Chair and you will get to Lower Sawmill. If you are on Peak 8, you can get to Lower Sawmill from the Four O’Clock trail by taking a right off of Four O’Clock trail onto Lower Sawmill (if you are on Peak 10, you must get to the top of Peak 9 and ski down to the base of “C” Chair, and if you are on Peak 7, you must ski down to the Colorado SuperChair on Peak 8 and ride it to the top to get to Four O’Clock trail).

To get to Buildings 1 through 4 (easiest trail):

Once you ski past the bottom of “C” Chair on Lower Sawmill, look for the Snowflake Trail on your left. When on the Snowflake Trail, ski until you see the sign on the tree for Grand Timber Lodge. It will be on your right. Follow the sign and you end up on the north side of Building 2. The Snowflake Trail is pretty flat, so you may have to pole or skate part of the way if you don’t have enough speed.

To get to Buildings 5 & 6 (recommended for skiers intermediate and above, and for those who don’t want to pole or skate part of the way):

Look for the next left off of Lower Sawmill after the Snowflake Trail. Follow this trail and it will take you right to Grand Timber Lodge by the Christy Sports shop on the lower level of Building 5. This year the ski area will be grooming this ski-in access so it will be more moderate and accessible for most skiers.

Click here to see the Grand Timber Lodge Property Map.