Come Visit


We hope you choose to come visit us! In fact, if you come visit us, we will include a Visa gift card or Reward Dollars with your stay when you complete an owner update tour.

Reward Dollars

Reward Dollars can be used at Refresh Spa, the Lodgepole Bar and Grill, towards HOAs or toward an activity booked through our Activities Department!

Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift card is as good as cash and can be used toward any purchase. Visa gift cards have a short expiration, so treat yourself to some extra fun on your vacation!

Stay at Grand Timber

We hope you will chose to stay at Grand Timber Lodge for your owner week! Click the “Welcome Home” button below and let us help you make your vacation planning as easy as possible.

Questions? Ready to get a gift of your choice with your week? Call 877-453-4440!